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Phaestos the second most important Minoan city after Knossos is situated 6,5 km from Heraklion. The palace of Phaestos is found on a hill with spectacular views to Kato Messara Plain and Mount Ida.


According to Greek Mythology Phaestos was founded by Rodamanthys the son of Zeus and was the birthplace of Epimenides one of the seven Sages of Acient Greece.

Phaestos is considered to be one of the most important centers of Minoan civilization and a great financial and administrative center.

The Italian archaeologist Halbherr began the excavations in 1900 and found two palaces. The first was built around 1900BC and destroyed around 1700BC by an earthquake and the second was built after the destruction of the first on the top of it and was destroyed again around 1450BC. The state of Phaestos was totally destroyed by the Gortys 200BC.

After 50 years Levi Excavated quarters of the Acient City of Phaistos. The city was built of luxurious materials and a drainage system was used here as well, similar to that of Knossos.

The most important humdinger that was excavated is the famous Discus of Phaistos with the hieroglyphic writing not deciphered yet and exhibited today in the Archaeological Museum of Herakleion. The Discus is written on both sides cochlearly, that is the text starts from the circuit and ends in the center. The elements are printed on mitres and this justifies the fact that is considered to be the first sample of printing. The text is believed to be a hymn to Rhea the Goddess.

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