Крепость Итзедин

The fort was built in 1872 from Reouf Pasha, in the same position that in 1646, the first Turkish expelling the Venetians built the tower. Was a major defensive work of the harbor and so named in honor of the eldest son of Sultan Abdul Aziz Intzedin. In later years the building was used as a prison for political prisoners, prisoners of common law and the death penalty.
In 1903, Eleftherios Venizelos, was imprisoned here and Pangalos 1926. During the German occupation prisons did not work and open again in the years of civil war. In 1948 he transferred from the hellhole of Gyaros and political prisoners and convicts. The last execution took place in 1972 in the cemetery. Forteess Itzedin is currently not renovated and not allow access to the inside but on December 14 celebrates the day that the church of Agios Eleftherios opens for the celebration. The frescoes of the church have painted the inmates of the prison. Very close to Forteess Itzedin is found the ancient city of Aptera and fortress Koules that you can combine a visit.