Лутро - Ущелье Арадена

Loutro is a small seaside village very picturesque, and it is found 84chlm away from the city of Chania.
There are two options to get to Loutro. The first is by ferry (30 minutes) from Sfakia with regular routes, or walk from Sfakia 14 km of which is 4 km trail. The village was named after the springs found there, the water of which came from Anopoli. Loutro with 81 inhabitants (2001) is the ideal place for relaxing because there are no large hotels or busy streets, crowded restaurants or beaches, or even cars. Certain weekends in July and August is crowded because of the massive visits of the local people. The beach in Loutro consists of pebbles and the sea has stunning, crystal, blue waters. On the beach there are sun beds and umbrellas and in a small distance from the beach there are tavernas and cafes. Near Loutro is found the Aradena gorge, 5.5 km in length and degree of difficulty 3. The entrance to the gorge is found at Aradena, next to the bridge Aradaina where the summer you can do Bungee jumping. At the exit of the gorge you will find the beautiful beach of Marmara.