Maridaki beach

Maridaki beach or Agios Panteleimon is located 62 km south of the city of Heraklion.
It is a small beach with fine pebbles and fine gravel, and the waters are crystal clear. The sea is deep and cool because of the creek that passes through the village. The beach is not crowded and mostly preferred by the locals. The beach Maridaki is not organized and there are no amenities except a tavern nearby. The accessible to the beach is became by two ways, first from a rough 15 km dirt road with steep bends and cliffs of the village Kastelliana or an easy hike 20 minutes from Tsoutsouras that we recommend. The trail starts from Pera Tsoutsouros in beautiful landscape with some carob and stunning sea views. In the middle of the path there is a cave in which there are many stories. One of them is that inside is buried and King Sarpedon of Lycias, or according to others, Alexander the Great. Sure to try to see must have knowledge and ask the locals for more stories.