Psili Ammos beach

Psili Ammos beach (fine Sand Beach) is located 77 km south of the city of Heraklion.
It is a beautiful sandy beach next to the village of kali Limenes with the little port. The beach is partial organized with umbrellas, a canteen, and some trees which are catalyzed by permanent campers. The bottom of the sea is also with fine sand as outside and that’s the reason that this is one of the most crowded beaches on weekends. From here you can see the Mikronisi island, which the locals call it "St. Paul" because here was make a stop as he says, on the way to Rome. On the island there are oil reservoirs of Vardinogiannis family. East of Psili Ammos there are the three other beaches of Kali Limenes, Kala limania beach, Long Sand beach, and Karavovrysi beach.