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Expert Travel is registered with the Greek Tourism organization (EOT) under the license number: 10 42 E 60 61 00 783 01 

E-mail: info@experttravel.gr Telephone:+30 2821059114 Russian Speaking Staff: Моб. тел:+30 6939155260 (Viber, WhatsApp)

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Our main office is located in Hania, in Crete, one of the destinations which apart from its incessant tourist development, maintains an unaffected and traditional style. The hospitality is the main feature of Crete and our principle.

The company consists of people who have studied Tourism and they have worked many consecutive years on this sector, in Great Resorts! This makes us able to choose exceptional hotels in which you can enjoy the holidays you have dreamt of. Through the personal communication with people, travellers then created the need to offer the ideal vacation.
We will help you to find the best destination for each occasion, travels for business or leisure.

We are here to assist you with your travel plans and guide you to special hotels and destinations that we have them carefully picked. We focus on personalized advice. We do not place limits to your wishes, your dreams, your desires or even your simplest request. Our goal is to provide business and leisure travellers worldwide with a pleasant, efficient and cost-effective way to book hotel accommodation.We offer a wide range of choices and we are ready to do everything possible to make your vacation nothing less than a spectacular dream.

A great selection of hotels, a variety of traditional destinations in picturesque Venetian paths, as well as luxurious resorts, it’s sure that they can surpass each of your expectations.

The responsibility, the immediate service and the personal communication with you, are some of the lineaments of our travel agency. The “value for money” is the core and the view of our company. With us you can find whatever you desire based on its real valuation, offering competitive prices.
We are eager to materialize all your requests, either you wish to take a short break or go to a worldwide famous destination such as Elounda.

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Main office: 6 Sofokleous Street 73100, Chania, Crete, Greece
•    Telephone:+30 2821059114 
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•    Skype Name: experttravel.gr 
•    e-mail: info@experttravel.gr

Russia speaking staff
 Моб. тел: +30 6939155260

Моб. тел:  007 9652006262

 Факс: +30 2821059151
 Skype Name:experttravel.gr
 e-mail: natalia@experttravel.gr

Represenative at Russia: 007 9652006262

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