Make a dream wedding in a luxury villa at the most romantic Greek island, Crete

An excellent choice for a memorable vacation is to rent villas in the Greek Islands. Why Crete became a place which has recently chosen romance, decided to swear each other eternal love?
A heaven for honeymooners, sunny Crete lost among the three seas washing it: in the north of Crete, in the south of the Libyan and the Ionian to the west. Few places on earth can match this beautiful, romantic island, as if created by nature itself for the privacy of young lovers, with its white sandy beaches, the turquoise-blue sea, bright sun shining 300 days a year and clean mountain air.
The short and relatively inexpensive flight (from April to October, the island's two international airports have regular charter flights from many cities in Russia and the neighboring Federal Republic ), and you are immersed in an atmosphere of complete detachment, peace and privacy. A symphony of colors, the clean air, the smell of the sea breeze, the low-hanging pink clouds on a background of the infinite blue sky, the lush olive and orange groves that cover the hillsides, the most delicious and healthiest food in the world and the boundless seas betray the enchanting atmosphere of the most important event in the your life.
Crete charming, majestic and picturesque. There coexist proudly snowy mountains, fertile valleys, formidable, long gorges with rivers and waterfalls, wonderful golden beaches, lost beaches, rugged secluded sandy coves and headlands, deep caves, cliffs, green forests, fresh water from the life-giving springs and waterfalls lost in the mountains traditional villages and modern resorts.
The cradle of the ancient Minoan civilization, the island, which is associated with many myths and legends, famous for its rich history, archaeological and architectural monuments of different cultures and ages, who created the Arabs, Venetians and Turks who lived on this land for centuries. Mosques, Byzantine monasteries, white churches, Venetian fortress and palace, give a special touch Cretan landscape and harmoniously with European comfort.
Expert Travel is happy to help you in carrying out your dreams, whether it be organizing a wedding, wedding, symbolic ceremony, honeymoon - whatever you wish. Our head office is located on the island of Crete, in the town of Chania and a few years of fruitful work, we were able to gain a leading position in the rental market for the rest. We offer a large selection of luxury villas on the coast, that can be rented for a month, a week or a weekend. Beautiful, exclusive interiors, unique design, equipped with the latest technology, private swimming pools surrounded by a garden, an elegant furnished garden and unique views of the sea, open terraces and balconies, and, of course, complete privacy, confidentiality and the guarantee that the peace of lovers nobody will bother. It was here, on the luxury villas Expert Travel, the couple and their cares will be able to have a good time before, during and after the wedding ceremony and get the most out of travel.
During the years of work we have established friendly and trusting relationship with the owners of the villas that we offer, which enables us to provide our customers with only the best proposals, and to closely monitor the quality of service and service in the villas with our Russian-speaking representatives. From the day of arrival till departure the employees of our company offer with attention and care, will help you organize any entertainment on land or at sea, at the request of the bride and groom, order a banquet with a large range of delicious Mediterranean and Cretan cuisine, as well as hire a professional organizer of weddings.
Choosing one of the many villas we provide, whether it's an exquisite villa on the shore, or the ultra-modern house on a cliff with stunning views of the sea, you will enjoy an unforgettable honeymoon. Almost all of our villas have a very convenient location and is a great starting point for those wishing to get acquainted with the local sights and attractions, as well as the unique Cretan cuisine and, of course, spurting key nightlife of the island.


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