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It is impossible, making a holiday in Crete, admiring the incredible beauty of the coastline and hinterland to, resist the opportunity to make an unforgettable trip by private boat (sailboat or machines) from which you will be able to see a different perspective Crete and islands. Chariste yourself and your friends can visit unexplored, inaccessible by land romantic beaches, go fishing in the open sea at sunset or to arrange a romantic dinner on board. In Greece there are for rent all kinds of boats from 6 meters and daily rental price 370 €, 15 meters with daily rental price of 2000 €, and up to 60 meters with price on request. Expert travel can arrange a tour for you to choose any boat. We have the largest selection of boats that meet all safety regulations and cruising the European Union for a safe journey.
A cruise you can do is in the island of Santorini, the most mysterious island of the Cyclades. Santorini is rightly called one of the most beautiful and romantic islands in the world and considered here were the legendary Atlantis disappeared and the famous volcanic eruption that occurred three and a half thousand years ago. Also a fantastic trip you can do is to Gramvousa-Balos, one of the most beautiful parts of Crete. Unique opportunity to enjoy wonderful panoramic views and a dip in the waters, where three seas of the Aegean, Ionian and Libyan. If you want to test your capabilities in sailing the islands Theodorou, Lazareta the beach of your Machairida waiting for a dip in the crystal clear waters. The island of Spinalonga, which is opposite the modern tourist resort of Elounda, and is known as the island of lepers. Enjoy the unique experience on a yacht in the bay of Mirabello, with its Venetian fortress and the board staff will be waiting to prepare a delicious dinner with traditional Mediterranean dishes, with wine, beer and soft drinks. Combine the rental boat renting your villa and take advantage of our special rates.

Yacht Length 18m, Up to 10 person, 2 suite cabins,2 Bathrooms, Max speed: 33 knots/h

Yacht length 24 m, up to 10 person 5 suite cabins,5 bath,8 guest sleeping


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