Yacht A 18 is the perfect charter boat to discover Crete, Gavdos, Santorini and some of the most beautiful beaches of Europe . 
Yacht A 18  is an 18meter aluminum luxury yacht, built by Dufin, can accommodate up to 4+2 guests in two suite cabins. Her experienced crew of two, will provide you all the assistance you need for making your holidays the best ever.
This yacht is well maintained with optimal sailing performance making it a very practical choice for luxury motor yacht charters in Greece. Built by Dufin in 1996 it was refit in 2012 so when you charter Yacht A 18, you will enjoy the benefits of a modern yacht for the most memorable holidays in Greek islands .
Enjoy the outdoors on its decks by sunbathing, dining or drinking your favorite drinks while indulging the scenic views of Creta-Chania coasts. As a small luxury yacht, you can access all secluded beaches and coves that larger yachts find difficult to explore.
The interior is equally impressive with a luxurious design. TV and WIFI provide a feel of “home away from home” on board.
With two crew members to accompany and assist you on board, you will definitely have a wonderful time. 

Cruise  Gramvousa – Balos – Thodorou

Welcome guests on board and tour on it.
Departure from the old port of Chania at 9:00 a.m. to the island of Gramvousa.
Arrival at 10:30 am. We stay there for about four hours, during our stay the guests can swim or can climb to the Venetian castle at the top of the island. Eat and depart for the second destination Balos known as the lagoon of Chania (recently awarded as one of the hundred best beaches in the world at 34th position). We stay there for 2:30 hours and depart for the third of our destination the island of Theodorou (recognized national park with unique inhabitants the Kri Kri that is a protected specie).
We remain on the island of Theodorou enjoying the sunset and eating local fruits ….. then when the sun has fallen we depart for the old port of Chania.
The cruise includes foods and drinks (all dishes are homemade and are based on traditional Cretan cuisine).

Cruise  Chania bay Thodorou Island


Welcome guests on board and tour on it.
Departure from the port of Chania 10:00 a.m. for our ride to the bay of Chania
Arrival to the island of Thodorou we stay there for swimming and food with our guests.
We stay there until sunset.
The cruise includes foods and drinks.




Perfect services for our most demanding customers

Yacht length 24 m,up to 10 person 5 suite cabins,5 bath,8 guest sleeping