A walk in the splendid Old City of Corfu always leads at Liston. .
Liston will definitely travel you at other ages and in other places, romantic. Several of coffee and restaurants are accommodated in the streets with the splendid arches. Liston with the Venetian, French and English buildings around, charm the visitor, creating unforgettable pictures.
The construction of the group began at the period [B]΄ of the French Sovereignty of the island, between 1807-1814, in drawings of the French engineer Lesseps, and it is in the models of the famous rue de Rivoli of Paris.
The name Liston came probably by the words “Lista” and “Lizza”, of the Venetian dialect.
Next to t o Liston is found Spianada, the central square of the island and place of meeting of the residents and the visitors of Corfu. It was manufactured according to the style of the Royal Gardens of Europe.
Liston is the biggest square in Balkans and one of the biggest in Europe. In the pavilion of the square are carried out concerts and at the duration of summertime on Saturdays or Sundays you will have the opportunity to watch a cricket match.