Apokoronas is a region of north-west Crete, in Chania Prefecture, to the east of Chania itself.

The Apokoronas extends from the foothills of the White Mountains north to the coast, in a wide plain with rolling hills. To the east, Cape Drapanon rises above the plain and extends out into the Sea of Crete. The area is very green and fertile, unusual for rocky Crete. The Kiliaris river, known in antiquity as 'Pyknos', runs through the region. The major towns of Apokoronas are Vamos, Armeni and Vrisses, with police, municipal and utility offices as well as taverns and large churches; Kalives, Almirida and Georgioupolis are the largest beach resorts with several villas for rent. Tourism and agriculture are the major local industries, with much construction to satisfy the demands of many foreigners eager to buy or rent properties in the beautiful and traditional Cretan villages. The private villas for rent in the area of Apokoronas are ready to fulfil all of your needs during your holidays at Crete.
Apokoronas is a province of Greece with its capital at Vamos. The area is divided into several municipalities, within Chania prefecture, which hold most local authority. The municipalities of the Apokoronas are:
Armeni: Armeni is located inland from Kalives on the north coast of the island, at the mouth of Souda Bay. A relatively large village, it lies on good agricultural land in the Apokoronas, with groves of avocado, orange and olives around. The village has two large tavernas of good reputation, a grill in summer months and a kafenion, as well as a butcher and general store. The village is shaded by platania trees (Oriental Plane) and the Kiliaris river.
Fres: Fres is a village and municipality in Chania Prefecture on the island of Crete, Greece. Fres with a population of around 400, has a large main square surrounded by several kafenions where the men of the village meet. An archway leads through to the upper village and the chapel of Our Lady of the Two Rocks. The settlements in Fres are Paidochori, Pemonia, Tzitzifes, Melidoni and Fres village.
Asi Gonia (community)
Places of interest in Apokoronas
• ALMYRIDA is a scenic village by the sea with a clean sandy beach. At one end of the village there are ruins of an 11th century basilica church with a mosaic floor in good condition. In the bay of Almyrida there is a small rocky island called "Karga" which has ruins of an ancient wall built by the Phoenicians. During the Second World War they were built shelters for the local people. Today Karga has become an ecological place offering the right environment for different species of birds. Several luxury villas for rent are found at the area of Almyrida. Front sea view private villas with pool.

• PLAKA Traditional village well maintained with scenic narrow streets, rocky coastline and sea caves of outstanding beauty and interest. (There are some 215 sea caves)

• VAMOS it is a traditional provincial city, the capital of the region of Apokoronas, with many public services. According to unacknowledged historical sources, Saracen pirates had initially inhabited Vamos during the 8th century AC. Vamos had been the capital of the Sfakia region during the second half of the 19th century. Southeast of Vamos, at a place called Karydi, there is St. George's Monastery where the Basilica is preserved and there are still remains of the cells and of the olive-mill of the Monastery, famous for its wonderful domes.

• GAVALOHORI it is a traditional village that took its name from the noble Byzantine family of Gavalades. The family took possession of the village when Crete was distributed to the 12 noblemen of Byzantine in 1182. In a distance of 500 meters from the village, many of the well-known Gavaliana wells are preserved. Gavalohori has a Folklore Museum and there is also a textile and embroidery Women' s Association. Visit in our web site the luxury villas Artemis and Aphrodite, private villas for rent that are located at Gavalochori.

• KOURNAS it is a mountainous village with a homonymous beautiful lake -unique in Crete- surrounded by mountains. The ancient name of the lake was Korisia and it is said to be a homonymous city (Korion) with a temple of Korisia - Athena was located there.

• ARMENI Armeni is a village covered in green, with many planetrees. Its many rich fountains provide water to a big part of Apokoronas Province. Armenians serving the army of Nikiforos Fokas (Liberation of Crete from the Arabs) first inhabited it in 961 A. C.

• KAINA it is built on the ancient Kaino, Kainos or Kanos. It is believed that Britomartis Diktynna was born there.

• EMBROSNEROS is a picturesque village surrounded by oaks. At the edge of the village the guest can see the renovated tower of Alithakis, a Turkish Pasha. Many traditional beautiful villages -worth being seen- like Kastelos, Patina and Fylaki are all around Embrosneros. An impressive Minoan tomb was discovered in Fylaki.

• KEFALAS is located Northeast of Vamos and it is a village rich in traditional architecture. Its name is derived from Kefalades, the leaders of the Byzantine colonists, sent by Al. Komninos in 1182 to Crete. Ombrosgialos (frontal seaside) is a fantastic rocky beach, with a small traditional tavern Northeast of Kefalas.

• VRYSSES it is a new village on the road to Sfakia. It is crossed by the Brysiano river and in the East there is an ancient bridge dated from the Greek-Roman times. The bridge is called the Greek Chamber.

• IPPOKORONION is an ancient city, located where Aptera was built later.

• AMFIMALLA itis an ancient city, Southwest of the Almyros Bay.

• HYDRAMIA is an ancient city, near the village Dramia. The city used to be the port of Lappa (in Argyroupoli, Rethymno).

• KATRI OR KATREFS An ancient city believed to have been built in Ellinika, Emprosneros