Marmara beach

Marmara beach is located about 86 kilometers far from Chania and 5 km west of Loutro at Crete.
The beach is 50 meters long and it is pebbly. Marmara is located at the exit of the gorge of Aradena which you can walk. The entrance to the gorge is at the Aradena village and it is 5.5 km in length and degree of difficulty of 3, you will need about 3.5 hours walking. The last part is quite easy and pleasant. Although the access to Marmara beach is not easy, it is one of Crete’s popular beaches and crowded in July and August. On the beach there are sun beds and umbrellas and a short distance from the beach there is a tavern. Access from Chania is possible by Sfakia and Loutro and after walking. You can reach Marmara by walking from Loutro, about 75 minutes, or with small vessels (the ticket costs about 5€ from Loutro) in the summer.