Stalos beach

Stalos is a seaside resort, 7 km from the town of Chania with fantastic sandy beach awarded with blue flag.
Stalos is a village with 520 inhabitants (2001). The village has two parts upper Stalos and Kato Stalos. At the upper Stalos there is the main village with many taverns, restaurants, cafes, hotels, apartments, villas, and at Kato Stalos there is a long sandy beach (over a mile) with blue flag. The beach is well organized, there are sun beds, umbrellas, canteen, shower. From the beach of Stalos you can see the island Thodorou or St. Theodore, which is part of the protected areas of Chania. The access to the island is not allowed, while residing in this the Kri-Kri (Cretan goat). A cretan goat in Thodorou island you can see it in the photo. Stalos beach is well connected with Chania with frequent bus service (KTEL Chania).