Chrysoskalitissa monastery

The monastery of Panagia Chrysoskalitissa is situated 68 km southwest of Chania, 5 km before the beautiful beach of Elafonisos.
It's name the legend says that has taken it from the step that was gold. Monastery of Panagia Chrysoskalitissa Is a very beautiful monastery build high above on a big rock with wonderful views of the area. In the monastery was buried in 1527 the revolutionary Kantanoleon George and his son Peter, while in 1824 the Turks massacred the inhabitants. The monastery of Chrysoskalitissa is dedicated to the Holy Trinity and the Virgin Mary, the image of which is said to have been 1,000 years ago. In February 1907, when the Austrian ship «Imperatrix» wrecked in Elafonisi, the monks of the monastery battling waves managed to save 102 passengers, while 38 drowned. In 1940 the monastery was converted into a nunnery, and during the Occupation (1941-1944), the nuns were expelled and the monastery used as German outpost. From 1944 until today is inhabited by a friendly and active monks. The monastery is very dear to the people and celebrating on 15 August.