Egyptian Lighthouse

The Egyptian Lighthouse of Chania is one of the most recognizable sights of Chania.
Below you will find some interesting pictures of the inside of the lighthouse that experttravel found and presents as the entrance to the interior of the lighthouse is not allowed.
In about 1595 -1601, a lighthouse was constructed by the Venetians, which was founded on a natural rock and functioned as open flame torch and it is recorded in a 1689 city plan of Chania by V. Coronelli.
An opening was created on the rocks to allow the water renewal and to avoid earth fillings, and in its center the Aghios Nikolaos was built. The rampart covered the long distance until the entrance to the port, and was used to protect the port along with the fortress of "Firka".
During the same period, the tower of the lighthouse was also built, which is still preserved today. Its architecture is influenced by the local tradition of this period, as it was formed during the Venetian period. During this period, the lighthouse took the formation that we still witness today.
The tower is divided in three diverse parts: the base is octagonal, the middle part has sixteen sides, and the third part is circular. The construction material of the base is of the same origin and quality of the material used for the fortification of the city of Chania by the Venetians. According to the valid English 1847 and 1859 "lighthouse-indicators", the lighthouse was restored -on its Venetian base- and in 1839 it functioned according to the new technologies of the time. According to references, the new lighthouse was different from the initial. Its shape and interior staircase looked more like a minaret. For this reason, this monument is not related to the standard-style lighthouse towers. Plus, it consists only from the tower and it does not have the guard house, as most of the lighthouses.
This is probably because it is built near a residential area, and therefore there was no need for a guard house to supervise its functions. However, at the end of the 19th century, a guard house was constructed next to the base of the lighthouse, which was later demolished, before 1967.
In 1864, the lighthouse was assigned to the French Company of Ottoman Lighthouses, and during the final years of the Turkish occupation, the staircase of the east side was constructed, in the entrance of the lighthouse tower. Recent renovations include the octagonal watch house with the small dome, and the water pipes under the base of the lighthouse.
The lighthouse, the jewel of the city, is 21 meters high and its light covers a distance of 7 miles. It is one the oldest lighthouse that is still preserved today, not only in Greece and the Mediterranean, but also in the world.