Municipal Market

Municipal Market of Chania was inaugurated by Prime Minister Eleftherios Venizelos on December 4, 1913, with the celebrations of union of Crete.
The Municipal Market of Chania is a wonderful place for a walk and a know with the wonderful local products of Crete. Here you can buy traditional Cretan cheese Cretan rusks (Ntako), extra virgin olive oil, spices and souvenirs to remind you the beauty of the magnificent island. The Municipal Market of Chania visited daily by many locals for everyday goods they need meat, fish, bread, vegetables etc. The shape is cruciform with 76 shops arranged in groups in four arms of the cross. The raft was the local engineer Drandaki, who modeled the covered market of Marseille. In 1980, the Municipal Market was designated by the Ministry of Culture as preservable monument. Municipal Market of Chania follow the hours of shopping trade association of Chania and is open from Monday to Saturday.