Neorio Moro

Neorio Moro is one of the three shipyards that were constructed in the early of 16th century in the eastern cove of the Venetian port of Chania.

It takes its name from the General Intendant Moro who suggests the building of these tree shipyards. In their original form the dockyards were open to the sea side, which seeped inside them to a point to be able to haul the vessel for repair. Of the total of 3 shipyards completed only two, and in the third built the walls, until the beginning of the roof. Later, in the third shipyard accomodated with simple roof, which collapsed from the bombing of 1941. Today the town of Chania have in their disposal one Neorio remade, and is used by the sailing club of Chania and operate as a multipurpose exhibition and coffee.