Tomb of Stylos

20 km southeast of the city of Chania on a hill south of Aptera is the archaeological site of Azoire.
The first monument you meet on the road leading to the village of Stylos is the domed tomb of the Late Minoan period 14th to 13th BC with cobbled length of 21m measures. Little below where there is a sign of the KE Ephorate of prehistoric and classical antiquities s too close to the road is found the Minoan archaic settlement with important finding pottery kiln. The access to the tomb is possible middle of the grove surrounds. The key to the door is hung on a chain next to padlock the door. Please reclose the door leaving to not leave the sheep inside. A few meters further on the left side of the road is the sign for the Minoan archaic settlement. One km further and by following the signs to the Church of Panagia in green, lies the church of Panagia Zerviotissas constructed the 12th century. The Church of of Panagia is open to the public without a ticket.