Venizelos tombs

The tombs of the Venizelos is one of the most popular attractions of Chania, located 5.5 km northeast of the city of Chania.
In this wonderful protected park with magnificent views of the city of Chania and the White Mountains are entombed the Eleftherios Venizelos, and his son Sophocles Venizelos. Eleftherios Venizelos, was one of the most important figures in Greek and Cretan history. Eleftherios Venizelos served as Prime Minister of the Cretan State and seven times Prime Minister of Greece. Born in Crete in 1864 and died in exileed in Paris in 1936. The burial site He chose himself, a few miles east of his home in Halepa. His body was brought here and buried, while in 1965 a tomb was built for his son Sophocles, who served as Prime Minister of Greece from 1943 until 1952. In the western part of the park and next to the exit that lead to the Agorastaki street and the well known cafe Koukoubagia with great sweetness stands the statue of Spyros Kayales. On February 9, 1897, the time of the great bombardment of Cretan revolutionaries from fleet of the Great Powers did his body pole to lift up the Greek flag that the shells of the ships were thrown to the ground managing in this way to stop the barbarism. In the middle of the green park is the two-aisled church dedicated to the prophets Ilia and Elissaio. The church is Venetian style constructed in the early 16th century, and in its belfry in 1897 placed the flag of revolution of the last uprising of the Cretan people. This part of town is ideal for a panoramic commemorative photo of Chania.